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Thirty-something, yet still acting up.....

This journal is random. It will go where it goes. It may be forgotten for great lengths of time and then started back up as though time had not passed. It may be a place to dump gripes, share humor, reminisce about ill-spent youth or just to kill time while avoiding homework.

(Copied from MySpace profile)
What's to say?
I'm 37 but I act like I'm 17.
I tend to speak my mind, and 99% of the time I'm honest, to a fault.
Respect will be given to those who truly deserve it and I roll my eyes at those who demand it with no good reason to.
I'm able to laugh at myself and will probably laugh at you, too(but if you do something really funny).
I'm able to take any simple task and complicate it beyond reason, however usually the reverse is true as well.
There's no room in my life for narrow-minded people. Think outside the box. Lose the box. Be Boxless!
I'm about as religious as a box of toothpicks, yet I am intrigued by other's need for their own faiths.
I can tell you what I wore the first day of high school, but usually cannot remember what I was supposed to get at the grocery store.
I know I've still got it, it's just that sometimes I forget where I've left it.....
live and recorded music, more to follow., real and temporary tattoos